Dexter, Episode 9: Daddy Knows Best.

by onlylove4lauren

             As I logged into my Netflix account, I started to think about where I had left off with the show that I had just recently gained a liking for. It’s been less than a month since the last batch of episodes I had watched but I was ready to get started with my last assigned set. I decided to read my last blog over just so I can remember where I had left off. I was soon reminded that episode 8 left me wanting more, which eagerly lead me to continue the end of this project.

             I got into my usual Dexter watch mode by hopping in bed with my laptop and headphones, leaving nothing to distract me. In this particular episode we are introduced to a huge puzzle piece that had been missing from Dexter’s life. When Dex first got the letter stating his biological father died, he took it as some kind of mistake. Apparently Dexter’s biological father had been alive for all of this time and he was unaware of it thanks to Harry, his adopted father. According to both Dexter and Debs, Harry had told them that Dexter’s dad had died years ago and they both believed everything he had ever said to them.

Dexter viewing his biological father, Joe Driscoll.

             There are two interesting things about the news of Dexter’s biological father being alive for that long and him not knowing it. First off, it makes me wonder, If Harry lied to Dexter about his biological father, it must be for a good enough reason. From all of the flashbacks we have seen of the two of them and from how highly praised Harry is from both Debs and Dex, he seemed like a good father to them. I wonder what the real reason was for Harry to have not only hid the truth but helped keep it hidden from his son for what he thought to be the rest of his life. Secondly, finding out who Dexter’s biological father is can also lead us closer into finding out why Dexter is the way he is.

             Because Dexter was left with his biological father’s house, he and Rita (her idea to come) decide to take a ride over there to check the place and clear it out. As they are rummaging through Joe Driscoll’s, Dexter’s real father’s name, things they are surprised to find Debs and Rudy there for “support”. When Dexter opens the door he is greeted by Rudy who immediately goes in for a hug and reveals that he has been waiting to meet him for so long. To their knowledge, Rudy would want to meet Dexter because he is the brother of his girlfriend but we all know that Rudy has other things on his agenda.

              With the visit to Dexter’s dead father’s house turning into a couples bonding trip, one of my favorite moments, not only in this episode but probably from the whole season so far happens. Dexter, Debs and their two significant others are seen looking through old boxes and memories of Joe Driscoll when Rudy plays an old record he finds and a dance break happens. We see Debs let loose again for the second time in the show and we watch Dexter take some time to find a groove into something most people find to be normal. The dance break was awesome. Hands down.


             Another part worth mentioning is the tie that Rudy has with the killing of Joe, Dexter’s biological father. When Dexter and Rita first pull up to his “dads” house, they are greeted by the neighbor from across the way. To try and get a lead about his father, Dexter asks the old woman some questions regarding who she has seen recently come in and out. The neighbor mentions a cable guy stopping by last week but Dexter looks past it, unaware that that is a missing link to the killing of his dad. I, too, over looked this information until the couples left the house the next day and the little old lady identifies the “cable guy” as Rudy, but too late for anyone to hear her.

             Overall I find this episode to be a good one. I enjoyed watching the Morgan siblings get closer with the help of their lovers. There is also an excitement in the thought of finding out more about Dexter through finding his biological father. Rudy is becoming more and more involved with the bizarre strings that have been happening. A part of me feels like there could be a strange twist where Rudy and Dexter are related somehow, I rate this episode a 4.5. It would have been just a 4 if it weren’t for the dance break.