Dexter, Episode 12: Born Free.

by onlylove4lauren

                And so, everything falls into place. Leading up to the finale of the first season of Dexter we have been on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who has been haunting Dexter with his past and more importantly, why? Just a few episodes back we got the answer as to who was behind all of the killings and clues of Dexter’s childhood but we weren’t given enough hints to find out why… or were we?

Biological Brothers.

             Surprisingly enough, I had a hunch as to why Rudy, now revealed as Brian Moser, was related to Dexter. When I realized Rudy was ITK I immediately felt bad for Deb because she was dating him but I didn’t think about how it tied in with Dexter. As I said back in episode 9, I had a feeling that there would be a twist involving Rudy and Dexter being related. What lead me to this hunch was knowing that Rudy was the ITK and also knowing that he was involved with the killing of Joe Driscoll, Dexter’s biological father. It has been obvious throughout most of the killings that ITK was aware of whom Dexter really was but we never quite understood why? It all makes perfect sense now.

One in the same?

               To watch Dexter approach his deceased mothers home and have Rudy walk outside declaring they are brothers was epic. I must say, there was a part of me that almost rooted for Rudy and Dexter in becoming a kill team but the only thing that held me back from really wanting that was Debs… Pretty much the same reason Dexter didn’t go along with it. Now that I sit here and think about it, I think it’s a pretty awesome idea that I was torn between the two scenarios our leading man Dexter was caught in between.

                What I am still left questioning is why Harry wanted to keep the fact that Dexter had a brother a complete secret. I understand “Rudy” seemed to be more traumatized from the whole experience, probably because he was older, but how could that be reason enough to want to erase a relative from someone’s life? I can’t imagine a child living through the scene of his mother being killed but I would think if two siblings witnessed it together, they would be able to help each other get through it. It also makes me wonder how Dexter avoided being checked out by doctors or having any therapy after the murder of his mother. Did Harry really think that such a huge event in a person’s life, 3 years old or not, wouldn’t come up eventually?

                Some great parts of this episode were when we watch Dexter and Doakes go head to head in the storage yard, and then watching Dexter get visibly angry at his brother while he’s on the chopping block. These were both funny parts because we saw Dexter jump out of his normal, composed self. Another thing I liked about this episode was the female power. Watching Debs stand up for Dexter when Doakes was questioning him felt appropriate especially after we watched Dex choose Deb over his biological brother. Another good female moment was when Lieutenant LaGuerta and her transfer replacement have a quick moment where they seem to be on the same page about their work and going against the Captain.

The Hero.

           I was so looking forward to watching this episode, especially after the way the episode before this left us hanging. Maybe because I started watching Born Free on a high after tuning into Truth Be Told but I was disappointed. Maybe I was disappointed because the big BOOM of the finale was finding out that Rudy was Dexter’s long lost brother and I had already suspected that. Either way, I wasn’t completely thrilled at the end of the show and I had hoped to be. Bonus part of the episode: The fantasy parade at the end where people are shouting out heroic things to Dexter as confetti flies through the air and Deb is smiling by his side.

              Overall I rank Born Free a 4, even though 3 would rhyme.