Dexter, Episode 11: Truth Be Told.

by onlylove4lauren

                I don’t think I made it past the first name of the credits before I opened up a new document to start writing about this episode. As Truth Be Told came to an end, I felt my jaw drop. Now that I think about it, I wonder why I was in so much shock. I knew who the Ice Truck Killer was since about four episodes back, but the thought of everyone else knowing who he was left me feeling overwhelmed with excitement.

                As the episode is titled, Truth Be Told, the viewers find out many truths to a number of different secrets. For starters, and the main event of the episode, is when both Dexter and Debs find out that Rudy is the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter found out about Rudy when he finally got enough puzzle pieces to put the picture together. If only he would have figured it out sooner.

                The biggest lead in the case was from the help of Detective Batista. Like I had said in episodes 10 blog, Batista was onto something when he went to Rudy’s office to ask him more about prosthetics. With Rudy feeling pressured by Angel’s curiosity he took it upon himself to try and get rid of him last episode but was unsuccessful. The good news that comes from Batista being stabbed was the link between the blood found on him from his attacker, ITK/Rudy. By the time the lab results come back and Dexter is completely convinced about Rudy, it is too late to warn Deb.

                Unfortunately for Deb, Rudy reveals himself as ITK, as he declares her as his next victim. Poor Debs thought she was taking a break from the ITK case to meet with her boyfriend, soon to be fiancé, but then finds out that her future husband IS the ICE TRUCK KILLER!! What a proposal story that’ll be. As I watched the episode I really didn’t think that Rudy was going to reveal himself so soon but I guess he had no other choice because he was becoming more of a target.

                As if this truth hitting the surface isn’t enough to make an episode worth watching, they don’t stop there. Another mystery that we have slowly been learning about is about Dexter’s past, especially his parents. Last episode we found out about his biological dad, Joe, who had JUST recently died and his mother who was killed in front of him years ago. Between Batista being stabbed, his new found queasiness for blood, Cody (Rita’s son) running away and him finding out Harry has lied to him, Dexter is starting to feel emotions he had never wanted to face. We watch him become curious about his past and why he feels, or shall I say why he has struggled to feel, any type of these emotions.

                More truths? I have more. Batista’s wife makes it clear that she wants their marriage to be over after he feels like they have made progress. Bummer. I can only hope his character gets out of the hospital and finds a new love interest. Another minor truth, Doakes is coming closer to the truth of Dexter being different then everyone else but still hasn’t fully figured out what it is. Doakes always had a suspicion on Dexter but the more time that goes by the more questions he starts to ask Dex.

                I can’t imagine how the ITK/Rudy finding is going to play out. This can’t be the end of Debs. Not only is she one of my favorite characters but she is too much involved in the show to be killed off the first season… I hope. I am really enjoying the plot and watching these characters put the puzzle pieces together is both entertaining and torture! Bonus of this episode: The elves at the crime scene bickering. It took me away from the drama for a few seconds to laugh.

                Overall, best episode yet! I rate Truth Be Told a 5… Truth be told.