Dexter, Episode 10: Seeing Red.

by onlylove4lauren

            Although this episode is titled “Seeing Red”, I think there are many other better titles they could have gone with. If I had to sum up episode 10 in three words they would be, BLOOD, BOYS and BONDING. There was more blood and bonding between the boys more than ever before.

            This episode, like most of the others, didn’t leave much room for wandering eyes on my part. Because the plot has gone off in so many directions with many different stories, I wanted to make sure I paid attention to every minute. At this point in the show, a lot of separate stories are somehow overlapping. I am finding that most of the missing pieces of certain stories are to be found intertwined with other stories involving other characters.

            Right from the start we are reminded about the Ice Truck Killer when a jar of blood with a little something inside is sent to the homicide unit. We find a hotel key with the number 103 which happens to appear more than once in this particular crime. Immediately Dexter is called in to investigate what seems to be another clue from ITK himself. I thought, as I’m sure most viewers would, that Dexter would be excited to see what was next in the ITK killing spree but I was very surprised for his reaction. Before walking into the hotel room to see the crime scene, Dexter was warned that it wasn’t pretty, but of course a little blood never hurt Dexter. The surprising part was when he actually opened the door and stepped foot into the room of blood. Our blood friendly, leading man lost it. In every which way. He mentally and emotionally looked shocked and physically fainted.

Dexter, after he fainted in the blood bath.

            Throughout the episode, between flashbacks and some unexpected “bonding” between Dexter and Rudy, we start to find out why room 103 was so hard for Dexter to take in. Oddly enough, Dexter finds some kind of comfort within talking to Rudy because this is the most he has talked about his private life to anyone that we’ve seen. Over some porterhouses and beers, Dexter reveals to Rudy that he was flooded with unwanted and disturbing memories of his past as he entered the room of 103. We later find out that both Rudy and Dexter witnessed their mothers dying at a very young age. Apparently Rudy watched as his mother was hit by a truck and Dexter was in the room for when his mother was murdered.

            Meanwhile, Debs starts to become jealous of the relationship her brother and Rudy are now developing on both accounts. She is bothered by her boyfriend choosing to hang out with her brother on a night that she wants to talk to him and she is also hurt by the fact that Dexter has opened up to Rudy more than he had to her, ever. When the relationship comes to a roadblock she quickly falls back into the lies that Rudy feeds to her. Rudy pulls the “I love you” card which naïve Debs believed, even though Rudy’s real objective to stay close to Deb has nothing to do with love or Deb, but instead, it has to do with Dexter.

Rudy, at his day job.

            As Rudy is blending in better with the Morgan family, he is not easily falling under the radar with everyone. Detective Angel Batista recognizes a familiar clue from the ITK case when he sees a woman with a prosthetic hand at a club. When he questions the woman for having her prosthetic fingernails polished different colors she claimed that she liked the look after a night with an old client who had a fetish with them. Batista’s wheels start to turn and he thinks to ask Rudy if he can help him find out more because he is a prosthetic specialist. Because Batista only had a hunch, Rudy soon realized that he wasn’t close enough to linking him to the killings, thankfully, because I’m beginning to really like Batista.

            Lastly, Rita is once again struggling to keep Paul, the father of her children under his best behavior. For the past couple of episodes he has been making improvements in order to keep visitation rights to their kids but since Rita cancelled one visitation right he has fell off the wagon. After a night of Paul showing up to the house drunk and ready to wake up the kids, Rita hits him over the head and is charged with assault. Dexter’s feelings for Rita are becoming more and more serious as we watch him take matters into his own hands to remove Paul from Rita’s life, only temporarily. Yup. He didn’t kill. Could this be true love? Has Dexter really got a heart? He just might.

            Overall I rate this episode a 4. There were a couple of twists and turns and I was never left disappointed. A bonus of the episode? Lieutenant Laguerta going against the Capitan and revealing that the ITK investigation is re opened after he ordered her to keep her mouth shut. Kick ass move.