Dexter, Episode 8: Shrink Wrap.

by onlylove4lauren

            Whoa. I’m in shock. After this episode, many of my questions have been answered. A couple of blogs back, I brought up the fact that Dexter and Rita haven’t had sex yet. It’s taken 8 episodes, but it FINALLY happened. Both characters have personal experiences within the episode that allow them to feel comfortable and ready to approach the next step in their relationship.

Let's Get It On..

            For Rita, it takes a day with her kids and ex-husband to remind her that the life she once had is no comparison for what she has built with Dexter. Once she comes to the realization that she is happy where she is in her life, with Dexter, she invites him over to spend the night. She confesses her feelings and soon gets rejected by our leading man, not realizing that he too needs to come to terms with certain things before doing the deed.

            Originally, Dexter made visits with Dr. Emmett Meridian because he happened to be linked in with 3 female suicide cases. But none of us, including Dexter, could have guessed that was not all he got out of his visits. Once Dex realized Rita was ready to have sex, he started to worry about whether or not he would be able to get through it. He turned to Dr. Meridian for answers and luckily found them and was able to come at Rita with confidence while allowing his guard down. And then, Wah-PAM! Sex happened. And for the first time I felt like I saw Dexter was actually enjoying himself.

Bye Bye Doc.

            What first seemed to be work related visits to a psychotherapist, soon turned into actual therapy sessions for Dexter. Even though Dr. Meridian helped him, it didn’t change the fact that the Doc was involved with the 3 female victims that took their own lives. Before killing Dr. Meridian for his help in driving the 3 successful women to their death, Dexter admits to his secret. We finally here the words come out of his mouth. I AM A SERIAL KILLER. It was fascinating to watch him feel relieved. He admitted to never saying that out loud and you can tell he feels liberated.


          Dexter is not the only one in this episode to have sex and feel liberated. Debs has been falling harder and harder for her new boyfriend, the prosthetics Doctor. I happen to favor Debs out of mostly all of the characters for one reason or another, and I was thrilled to see her finally happy with someone. After having sex with her boyfriend she begins to cry and express how sex with him feels different. It is clear that she feels comfortable and loved, which seems to be an unusual feeling for her. As I watched the two of them speak intimately after their sexual encounter, I felt off balance. Something was up, but I didn’t know what. By the end of the episode, my intuition was backed up and I wish I could have seen my face when it all clicked for me. Dr. Prosthetics, Debs boyfriend, is the ICE TRUCK KILLER.

WHYYYY!!??? Poor Debs. It just keeps getting juicer.

Debs boyfriend/Ice Truck Killer.

            When I first started watching the season, my main purpose was to watch and write this blog for my Media class. I would take breaks and look for reasons to do anything but sit and watch the show. I must say, I no longer find myself looking for a reason to take a break or distract myself… I’ve held back from rating an episode to be a perfect 5 because I’ve never really felt 100% AMAZED or THRILLED by any of them thus far. But guess what? The dry spell is over, and I’m finally honoring an episode with a solid 5! I thought it was perfect with its ups and downs and many ironic moments, not to mention the genius title, “Shrink Wrap”.

Now, a new question arises. Can they KEEP it interesting? Stay tuned…I know I will.