Dexter, Episode 7: Circle of Friends.

by onlylove4lauren

             Finally, we have answers!!! Or do we? As “Circle of Friends” is about to end, we are left with a bomb exploding with shock. Throughout this entire episode we are under the impression that we’ve finally caught the man who has been “playing” with Dexter. To our surprise, at the very last second of the show, we are in for a whole new surprise.

                Ok. Before I go on, let me refresh your memory. A couple of episodes back we were introduced to the Ice Truck Killer. This particular killer was responsible for all of the killings with no blood, and clean cuts to their limbs. The Ice Truck Killer was responsible for Tucci’s injuries, who by the way, has been recovering just fine in the hospital. (Thankfully, Tucci has been given a prosthetic hand and foot provided from the hospital, with the help of Debs new love interest, the prosthetic doctor.) There have been leads for a number of different suspects but with time each one has fallen short of the full description of the killer. Aside from killing innocent people, the murderer was beginning to challenge our very own Dexter. As each victim would appear, another memory from Dexter’s past would surface.

On the Job.

  We were all under the impression that the killings were linked to the man who was onto Dexter, but we were wrong. When Neil Perry was arrested for the Ice Truck Killings it was clear that Dexter was somewhat disappointed. He didn’t want to believe that the man who was in on his secret could be the odd, geek looking Perry. When Dexter first discovers The Ice Truck Killers victims he is almost aroused by them. As a killer himself, he finds the ITK’s work to be fascinating and well done. As he and the rest of the squad watch Lieutenant LaGuerta question Perry, you can tell that he is not satisfied.

Neil Perry.

Neil Perry.

                Luckily for Dexter, Neil Perry can’t be the Ice Truck Killer. We know this because when both men are face to face, Perry has no clue who Dexter is. If he were the real ITK, he would know exactly who Dex was from all of the research the ITK did on him in order to know things from his past.One of the best moments of the episode is the smile that Dexter lets out when he finds out that Neil Perry is not the Ice Truck Killer.

                Another case was cracked involving the Jeremy Downs from a few episodes back. Downs, the young boy who had killed the man who raped him, got off the hook the first time Dexter got him because of his reasoning behind his killing. But this time around, it wasn’t just Dexter he had to remain innocent to, but instead Sergeant Doakes and his team. There is a brief interaction between the young knife killer and Dexter, where the two males bond over feeling nothing. For the first time Dexter is seen empathizing with someone, and actually conversing with someone because he is interested in what they have to say. He wants to know what the boy is feeling and why he killed. Before Dexter could go back to give Jeremy advice, he finds him dead in his cell, after a successful attempt at suicide.

                In my last blog I added that I would like something new to spice up the show. I definitely got what I asked for, and just in time. I was about to wave the white flag and assume I would never become a Dexter fan, but after this episode, I’m in. This episode was the last thing from predictable and it left me wanting to continue watching to find out what happens next. Those are signs of a good show, in my opinion. I rate this episode a solid 4.5.