Dexter, Episode 6: Return to Sender.

by onlylove4lauren

                Is the storm really on its way? Just when we think Dexter makes a mistake and could possibly get caught for a killing, he nervously, but successfully, covers his tracks. This was the first time in the entire series where Dexter was in danger of being revealed as a serial killer. All throughout this episode we are left wondering whether or not the jig was up.

                While watching this episode, I was torn between what I wanted the outcome to be. I’ve become a fan of who Dexter is and what he does, in an odd way, but I was having an inner conflict about the whole situation. The Ice Truck killer is toying with Dexter by going after the body of one of his latest victims and bringing her back to the crime scene. I was pissed off at first because I have become a fan of how clean Dexter gets in and out of these planned murders. He makes every move according to plan with little, to no room, for a mess up. When it was revealed that there was a suspect who would identify someone from the crime scene, I freaked, and I wasn’t the only one.

            For the first time Dexter feels something and boy does he feel it. You can see the fear in his eyes and a sense of defeat. Up until this episode we have seen a flawless murderer who never leaves a trace behind… until now. When he killed Mr. and Mrs. Castillo, he didn’t cover all of his bases. He admits for the first time he didn’t go along with his plan because during his “play time” of killing Castillo, his wife shows up. This then leads him to revise his plan and add Mrs. Castillo to his victims list because like her husband, she too is responsible for holding people captive at the junk yard of cars.

Is that fear in Dexter's eyes?

            Although the witness is a young, traumatized boy, we are left in fear wondering whether or not he got a good look at Dexter the night of the crime. Throughout the entire episode we wait to see if the boy “outs” our main man. Just like the viewers, Dexter is also left waiting to see who this boy remembers seeing. With Debs becoming a better detective, she has a hunch on who the killer is but what she doesn’t realize is that her finger is slowly pointing to her own Brother. Before all of the evidence could be looked over and put on file, Dexter leaves no time to tamper with things to throw off any leads that could possibly point to him taking part in of it.

              At the end of the episode the sketch of the man at the crime scene is revealed and to our surprise, it is not Dexter. To everyone’s surprise, it is Jesus. Yes, Jesus Christ himself. I’m guessing this isn’t the end of this little boy being a part of the show. Not only because of his God like vision but also because he and Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta have shared a special bond.

               Overall, I liked how we finally got to see Dexter have emotion but I didn’t feel like it was such a great episode. I’d have to rate it an iffy 3. Hopefully, something new spices things up within the next couple of episodes. We shall see!