Dexter, Episode 5: Love American Style.

by onlylove4lauren

              Do you have a dream? When I really think about this question, I wonder, don’t we all have dreams? Don’t we all work for/toward something, or at least long for something? At some point, we all sit back and wonder where we will be in the future. We wonder if what we are doing today will help or hurt tomorrow, but what if you are someone who doesn’t care about what tomorrow brings? These questions all entered my head as the credits rolled during this last episode of Dexter.

                To continue my Dexter blog, I wanted to set myself up the way I had watched the previous episodes. I felt like it worked for me the last time, with the only difference being that I had my dog, Max, accompanying me while I tuned in. Ironically enough, it was perfect for me to have a companion nearby because this episode was focused on relationships in hindsight.

                 “Love American Style” featured Dexter exploring love and pretty much showing an interest in at least understanding what it is all about. The flashbacks that are provided between he and his father help paint the picture that Dexter is completely unaware of what real love is. And I’m not talking about the average guy who might not understand or care about love. Dexter was somehow made to not feel feelings. He doesn’t calculate life the way a “normal” person would and it is becoming harder for him to blend in with everyone else because of his lack of emotions. His time spent with Angel Batista is funny (Girl in club: How can you not dance to this? Dexter: It’s a gift.) and very informative for the audience to really get a grasp on how little Dexter understands the way humanity works. Batista seems to be friendlier with him but what he doesn’t seem to understand is why?  When Batista confided in him the last episode, we can see that to be a bonding session, but Dexter doesn’t even comprehend what that is. It is clear that he has gone throughout his life alone and is seemly happy that way.



            We are slowly seeing a more “normal” side of him with the help of hearing his inner voice during certain moments of his day.  By no means is he an average “normal” person, but for who he is, we are seeing progress. As he searches through Jorge Castillo’s boat for evidence he finds a picture of his future victims, Jorge and his wife.  He takes a quick second to stare at the picture and then thinks back to Rita. The more time he spends with Rita, the more he seems to be interested in finding out what a “normal” life is all about.

             My favorite part of the episode would have to be when Dexter is standing over The Castillo’s, right before he is about to kill them, and asks them for relationship advice. I found this part to be hilarious, but so fitting. As Dexter watches his married victims stare at one another he is surprised to hear them exchange “I love you” on their death beds.  Before putting an end to their lives he asks in a very serious tone what that means and is left with the knowledge that sometimes it works to have someone in your life as a companion, as long as they want the same things as you do.

            I felt like this episode took a sluggish start but picked up maybe ten minutes in. Once I realized what the episode was aiming for, I quickly perked up and became interested. I found it fascinating to watch Dexter, a man who has no idea about love, try to explore it. Over all I rate a solid 4.