Dexter, Episode 4: Let’s Give The Boy a Hand.

by onlylove4lauren

            “Boo!” was Dexter’s last words before ending the episode. A simple yet spooky, boo. I find this episode to be monumental due to the fact that this was the first episode where Dexter does not kill anyone. The killer in him resists finishing off Tony Tucci because “that’s not him”, as he says. We realize that Dexter is not an uncontrollable killer because he is able to walk away from an opportunity to kill someone, which seemed almost impossible when we were first introduced to him.

Who is the Ice Truck Killer?

 We find out that the “no blood” murderer, who is referred to as the “Ice Truck Killer”, has an agenda that involves Dexter and his past. The Ice Truck Killer begins to leave body parts of his victim, who we shortly find out is Lieutenant LaGuertas suspect for a previous killing in the episode before this, in places of Dexter’s past. It seems as though the Ice Truck Killer took his time to look through Dexter’s home photo album where he has pictures from his childhood, many including Harry, his stepdad. I get the feeling that the Ice Truck Killer is a fan of Dexter’s work and that is why he is toying with him. Or maybe he knows of who the real Dexter is and wants to expose him. We haven’t gotten that far just yet. At the end of the episode Dexter is guided to where amputated Tucci is and is left with the option to finish his life. To the audience’s surprise, or maybe just mine, Dexter declines and does the right thing.

           Debs is still being assigned bullshit jobs by Lieutenant LaGuerta most probably because of the fear that she will outsmart her and eventually take her title. Sergeant Doakes is looking over his shoulder the whole episode because Guerrero and his men have been after him since he came to a family event and exploited Guerrero. Throughout the episode I felt bad for Doakes because he is being blamed for his lovers death who just so happens to be another cops sister and the wife of recently killed cop Ricky Simmons. Between watching his back for Guerrero’s men and his fellow cops who feel like he broke their man/cop code, he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s accepted that it’s only a matter of time until he will be found dead but by the end of the episode just before Guerrero gets his hands on him, he is saved by the cops who have used him as bait. This was news to us as well as Doakes.          

Angel Batista

  Another side story that is developing is Detective Angel Batista’s personal life. Angel has been around since episode one but this is the first time we see him outside of the job. He seems like a warm hearted man that is concerned about which piece of jewelry he should give his wife for their ten year anniversary. After asking Dexter and getting a good comment from Debra, he goes with a diamond heart shaped key. When he goes to give it to his wife we are then informed that they have been separated for three months because of “something he did.” He winds up giving the necklace to his little girl before he leaves the house.

           Lastly, Rita and Dexter’s relationship is still going strong and this time around there was some action. Still no sex but a little oral never hurt anyone. I rate this episode a 4. I like where all of the separate stories are going. I’m still curious as to who or what Dexter is? “If someone takes a picture, you smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy… you just do it to fit in.” Well said Harry Morgan. I believe he is human but only time will tell why he isn’t like everyone else.