Dexter Season 1, Episode: Dexter.

by onlylove4lauren


The killer who kills killers.

        When I found out I was assigned to watch season one of Dexter I initially was very happy. I have a few close friends that have been a fan of the show and whether they have been watching it since 2006 when it first aired, or have been catching up with the help of Netflix, most if not all of the reviews have been nothing less than great. This set my expectations pretty high as I got ready to watch the coveted Dexter all alone. I decided to watch the series by myself so there would be no distraction and didn’t want to have any influence on how I would react to what I was watching. Although I got to take it all in with no input from anybody else, there were times throughout the episode I wished I wasn’t alone.

            We are first introduced with Dexter Morgan, the star of the show, driving along the streets of Miami where he claims, “Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again… and again.” For the entire introduction the mood on screen was very dark and the audience was shown all different walks of life along the Miami streets. With each character they zoomed into, I wondered if this one was going to be a significant person to the story. But soon after it cuts away from Dexter driving it is clear that there is no secret between the audience and the mind of Dexter. The way the audience is set up to view the show is like being in the mind of Dexter Morgan himself.

            Throughout the entire episode I felt completely indecisive as to whether or not I liked Dexter Morgan. A forensics expert and blood spatter specialist working for the Miami Metro Police Department by day, and a blood hungry killer by night. Dexter helps track down the bad guys but then becomes one by killing them on his own time. It is clear that Dexter feels something within him that makes him ravenous to kill. The moments where we are taken back to the earlier years of his life we get a better understanding as to why his situation has developed to what now seems to be a full blown killing spree. Maybe if we weren’t in on the little secret of him having no care in the world for anyone on earth except for his sister Debra Morgan and possibly Rita Bennett, his “love” interest, I would sympathize with him more.

             When the episode comes to an end we are left wondering how the infamous “no blood” murderer has entered Dexter’s house while leaving behind a Barbie sized victim in his refrigerator. Most people would feel angry and violated but not our leading man. Dexter is left feeling inspired and ready to play this “game.”

            Overall I would rate this episode a solid 3. I was interested in where it was going but I wasn’t completely into it. I felt like a lot of things were predictable.