Dexter, Episode 3: Popping Cherry.

by onlylove4lauren

              I ended my last blog with the question of whether or not Dexter and Rita get it on. Before even watching episode 3, “Popping Cherry”, I was hoping we could put that question to rest. Get my drift? But to my surprise there was still no sex between our leading man and his innocent girlfriend Rita. The significance of the name of the episode has nothing to do with sex, but instead refers to the first time Dexter kills someone.

                Now with the third episode under my belt I am starting to see where Dexter gets his craving to kill the “bad guys.” At some point in every episode we are taken back to a certain moment in his life where he is given advice from his dad, Harry Morgan, a former cop. The first couple of flashbacks were when his dad was first noticing that Dexter had a liking for killing things. His father seemed concerned for his son but never steered away from staying supportive. It is becoming more and more apparent that Harry Morgan has made a huge impact in Dexter’s lifestyle. His father never seemed to encourage a killing but somehow helped him become the professional killer he is today. His father always stood true to getting rid of the bad guys and something that always stuck with Dexter was the thought of getting rid of the bad guy before he hurts more good guys.

Young Dex and Dad.

               Although Dexter has a crazy mind of his own, his first killing was due to his father’s request. Dexter kills his father’s nurse because his father tells him that she is giving him and the other patients too much morphine. With certainty in his eyes, Harry tells Dexter to get rid of her. His first killing was messy and unorganized which makes you think about how many people he must have killed before he became so precise.

              Now with the plot thickening we have a couple of different stories that branching off. Debs is still trying to figure out how to get her ideas be known without having Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta shut her up. She has been finding leads from the whores she worked with on a previous undercover job. Sergeant James Doakes is intertwined into a mess from sleeping with previous victim Rickey Simmons’ wife, who are both dead now. And then there’s sweet little Rita. In the first episode Dexter says how she is good for him because she her own problems and boy was he right. Although they are total opposites, it seems like their relationship is benefiting the both of them. Rita is trying to move on from her abusive past with the help of Dexter who is slowly finding his own softer side, even though he claims to not have a heart earlier on in the episode.

Will they?

I’m going to rate this episode a solid 4. Fortunately the show is becoming more interesting which I prefer rather than an awesome start and a boring ending. With the third episode coming to the end there are new questions arising but still one question remains… when do they get it on!?