Dexter, Episode 2: Crocodile.

by onlylove4lauren

             Once again I chose to watch the next episode of Dexter with just me, myself and I. As I shut off all the lights in my room and got into a comfortable position on my bed I noticed I had hope that this time around I would get hooked onto the show that I’ve heard so many glorious things about. As I had previously mentioned in my first Dexter blog, I was unsure about whether or not I was a fan of Dexter Morgan. While I watched the opening to episode two: Crocodile, I questioned how I could be against such a good looking character. Then I quickly remembered that it is not Dexter I was swooning over, but in fact the actor that plays Dexter Morgan. Michael C. Hall is the present day Dexter who contributes to the very few likeable characteristics of this character.


                Besides of his good looks, another likable factor of Dexter is his intelligence. It is obvious that he knows his line of work very well and is the master of anything blood. Watching him investigate the crime scene where they found Rickey Simmons, a cop, it is clear that he has no doubt in his knowledge when it comes to dead bodies. Just in the first twenty minutes of episode 2  there is much more of a connection to who Dexter is as a person rather than what Dexter does in his line of work as a forensics expert or a killer. His relationship with his sister Debra is not necessarily cold but definitely not the normal brother and sister pair. It comes off as if their odd dynamic is due to the fact that she is a cop and he works for the cops. Since it is only episode 2 I am sure there is much more to this relationship as the season progresses.

                With the help of Debs, as he refers to his sis, Dexter finds the truck of the “no blood” murderer. After looking through the truck they find five frozen fingers evenly cut up, each with a different color painted on the nails. In the beginning of the episode we watch Dexter look intensely at the Barbie parts that were left in his refrigerator. He holds up the hand where we can see the five plastic fingernails all polished a different color. How ironic? Dexter believes he is trying to impress him and he admits its working. Along with Rickey Simmons and his wife being killed in this episode there is Matt Chambers, a drunk driver who has killed many helpless people in many different states. Dexter stalks him throughout the episode and by the end he adds him to his collection of blood slides.

Blood specialist.


                Aside from his close relationship with his sister, we see Dexter and Rita getting closer in every way possible except physical. The fact that he has suggested to his sister to double date with her current fling and him and Rita makes me believe he is into her more than he understood from last episode. He shows compassion for her when he admits to himself that he wants to take it slow because whenever he gets involved with someone it takes a turn for the worst. The fact that she has a hard time being sexual with him is secretly helping the relationship move forward because of his lack of interest in intimacy.

                I liked this episode a lot more than the first one and I am ranking it a 4. The characters are becoming more likable and the storyline is picking up. It leaves me wondering, who is his next victim? But more importantly, will Rita and Dexter ever have sex?