Woah, Watergate!

by onlylove4lauren

Bob Woodward & Carl Bernsteain

          What would you do if you came across information that was purposely being hidden from the public because of scandalous reasons? When it regards government documents and things of that nature, most people have turned their heads away in order to avoid being a “snake” as some would refer to it. And then there are those few people who will face fear in the eye, regardless of the repercussions, and put their names on the line in order for the truth to come out.

         Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein belong with the very few people who stared fear in the eye. These two journalists took the road less traveled by deciding to pursue the investigation of what we now call, the Watergate Scandal. If you are not familiar with this scandal, allow me to fill you in. To put it simple, these two reporters stood their ground and continued to fight to shed light on the secrets of our government which eventually led President Nixon to resign.Woodward and Bernstein displayed loyal journalism by straying away from what was expected from them and could have quite possibly lost their paying jobs because of it.

             In the documentary “Lighting the Fire”, featured from All The Presidents Men, we get a closer look into the severity of this scandal and the boundaries these two journalists had to overcome. With the help of many experienced journalists, the documentary enlightens its viewers to see how reporting can take on a sour tone when it is mixed with the idea that the high exposed news stories are the ones that are most important. Linda Ellerbee, an American journalist who was featured in “Lighting the Fire”, explains that offending the fewest was what everyone hoped for because it was all about “filling the seats.”

           After the Watergate Scandal, many journalism schools were packed with people who were inspired by the story. I myself feel appreciative to have had my eyes opened to this monumental moment in history. It is refreshing to hear that going against the majority and actually standing up for something you believe in has resulted into a rewarding outcome. Kudos to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for being extremely courageous and setting the path for the future of journalism.