Tillman the Legend.

by onlylove4lauren

           Now if some of you do not know who Richard Tillman is, I will give you a little background information as to why he was interviewed on Bill Maher’s show. Richard Tillman is the  brother of Pat Tillman, a very well known solider who had died in the war because of “friendly fire.” Although at first glance you might be thinking, why is Pat’s story any different from the rest of the other soldiers that have died in the war? The answer to that is simple. Pat Tillman was allegedly not killed in the war because of a friendly fire and this has caused a huge up roar from the Tillman family and supporters.

            I thought the interview between Maher and Richard Tillman was both very entertaining and informative. I enjoyed how Tillman was not afraid to speak his mind even though he was on national television. I have grown to become a fan of Bill Maher because I respect his priority to educate his audience on things that many people, who have the power to speak to the world, choose not to be as honest. I think the interview was a success not just because Maher asks the questions we all want to know but also because Tillman was more than willingly ready to answer them. Years after Richards brother died he and his family still don’t know what exactly happened that day that Pat was announced dead.

          Before watching this interview I will admit to not knowing anything about the Pat Tillman story. I feel fortunate to have been assigned to watch it because it was something that really stuck with me and had me sending the link to friends. It amazes me that our own government, the people that are meant to protect us, will sometimes betray us. It leaves you thinking, what else are they lying to us about?